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Worst Movies of all time [August 2020]3 min read

worst movies not to watch
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Friyay cares and that’s why recommends you with the best movies to watch. Friyay knows how confusing it is to decide which movie to watch next? In Spite of telling you what to watch next Friyay would also like to recommend you which movies you should never watch.

The reason behind recommending you not to watch these movies is because we don’t want you to waste your time. After watching a movie have you ever wondered that Why did you waste your money buying a ticket for a movie which was not worth it. And after realizing this you text your friend, who had recommended the movie, that you are not friends with him anymore. And bam you lose your friend!

From saving you the trouble of bearing the whole movie we are recommending you here that which movies you should not watch along with some good enough reasons. Scroll down and go through this list thoroughly:-

worst movies, not to watch

1. Himmatwala

IMDb: 1.8

Director: Sajid_Khan

You would need a lot of HIMMAT (strength) to watch this movie. Sajid Khan somehow managed to make the worst remake movie of one of the likable movie which was made thirty years ago. The story is overly-dramatic and by dramatic, we meant that Ajay Devgan fought with a tiger and won! Do we need to convince you more?

Have green leafy vegetables prior watching this!

2. Disaster Movie

IMDb: 1.9

Director: Friedberg_and_Aaron_Seltzer

We appreciate Jason Friedberg and and Aaron Seltzer’s idea of calling this movie ‘Disaster Movie’ cause it certainly gives a red alert to the audience to watch it at their own risk. Directors thought to make it funny but it was so funny that viewers fell asleep while watching it. We recommend you to not be around someone who asks you to watch it, cause this movie is injurious to health.

It is not what it looks like

3. Mega Shark vs. Crocosauras 

IMDb: 2.4

Director: Christopher olen ray

What is ‘crocosauras’? Can someone write this word in one go without any single correction?

The intentions of Christopher Ray very intuitive, he wanted to make a sci-fi movie where the crocosauras caused massive destruction in the city. Graphic designers will have to rest in peace after watching it and the performers – Gary Stretch, Jaleel White and Robert Picardo – had done incredible job in making their worst movie of the career.

Trust Friyay with this recommendation

4. Mela

IMDb: 3.8

Director: Dharmesh Darshan

As Twinkle Khanna always mentions in her all interviews that she is the worst actress bollywood could have. Certainly she is true but we love the way she accepts that without any regrets. Amir Khan, maybe Mr Perfectionist now, but he had a dark past too. A past which had a song that lasted for 10 minutes!

Cause we know you don’t want to listen

5. Jack and Jill

IMDb: 3.3

Director: Dennis Dungan

This wasn’t expected from Adam Sandler, we thought that he was a funny guy but what was this. Sandler played both Jack and Jill and he made sure to make Jill as annoying as possible. What was Al Pacino doing? Surely it wasn’t acting. Some of the viewers actually rewarded it with the worst movie of 2011.

Down the hill

Friyay will not leave high and dry in your couch you can check out our blogs which will save you from these horrible recommendations. Also check out friyay app for amazing movies and series recommendations.

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