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Was the DARK series worth the hype?2 min read

dark series on netflix hyped
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Dark series released in 2017 is a german science-fiction mystery on Netflix that caught everyone’s attention for its amazing storyline and screenplay. The story travels along with the characters of a fictitious town, named Winden where mysterious kidnappings take place once every 33 years. In 2019, when a young boy goes missing, the evil and sinful pasts about the town surfaces. Four families in the town get intertwined with the start and end of a time travel mystery through three generations and a parallel universe blissfully innocent. Although Dark is claimed to be one of the best mystery series and a confusingly intricate but interesting show let’s see why was it hyped and if it was worth all the hype or just overrated.

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When the announcement of dark series season 3 was made, it was the talk of the town and fans went crazy about all the theories and timelines of the show. In all the social media platforms Dark went viral, was trending and most of us, who didn’t watch the show yet were in extreme fear of missing out and binge-watched the show as fast as could just to catch up on the memes and the theories. We were fascinated by how complex the show was and how each timeline was different and so complicated that just to follow we needed more concentration than ever needed for our examinations.

We were all in a vicious cycle of a never-ending loop of watching dark and talking about it and going crazy about “the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end” and chanting “sic Mundus creates est” figuring out how it was all going to end and how Jonas and Martha are gonna end up and so much more. When the show ended in June 2020, everyone was in a state of shock, some loved the show, some thought it made zero sense and some were still trying to figure out the show. It was like all us were having one big deja vu not knowing how to feel about the show. 

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As a science fiction and mystery fan, dark seasons one and two were absolutely thrilling with each episode having a reveal, a new mystery, and contributing a little to the final reveal of the show slowly and yet most interestingly some parts of the show were unnecessarily too complicated.

Initially when they reveal the town’s mystery, there was a thrill and excitement about it, but since the mystery was not revealed for way too long, at a point it just got annoying. Suspense is definitely good but reveling the suspense at the right time is also needed and dark lagged way too much to reveal its suspense making it a bit boring at some parts. 

Season three was definitely the least favorite season for all dark series fans as firstly, season two ends with a banger cliffhanger setting the expectations for season three enormously high. But unfortunately, season three not only did not match up to its expectations but also was not as interesting as the previous ones. 

Dark series was definitely worth the hype for its two initial seasons but the third one was a bit disappointing. Then again maybe if the third season was not majorly hyped it just might have been more liked and enjoyed. Too many expectations almost always lead to disappointments.


YES, Dark series is definitely a watch worthy show which will engage you with a mixture of themes like time travel, parallel universe, mystery, science, crime, and investigation. Dark undoubtedly has its highs and lows yet one of the best science-fiction mystery on Netflix. The show does not however hold a great re-watch value but you will enjoy it the first time, especially the first two seasons. If you haven’t watched this series yet, then what are you waiting for? you definitely should go watch right now! 


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