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Five amazing and little known facts about Money Heist3 min read

5 facts about money hest before season 5 releases
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Money Heist or what is originally called La Casa de Papel in Spanish has been a blessing in disguise for most of us series junkies. It not only stole our hearts but also made us crave for more. This binge-worthy show has amassed massive viewership because of its captivating storyline, charming characters and overall entertainment value.

The heist has always created a sense of curiosity among the fans with four seasons till now. So here we are with some little known facts about Money Heist.

Neymar’s Cameo

It’s no secret that the series has viewers all over the globe and there are, of course, a few celebrities among those viewers, including Neymar and Stephen King. It seems the megastar of football was so into the series that he called the production and requested to be part of the show. So there is a scene in the third season of the show where a Brazilian monk, named Jaoo made an appearance. He is committed to his cause and does not play football or party at all. It’s hard to believe this is him for Neymar’s fans, but he actually made that cameo appearance.

Scripts are written on the go while filming

Given to the complicated storyline of the show, it is safe to believe that the storylines are developed and that the scripts are prepared months before filming starts. In reality, that is quite the opposite. The writers do this in parallel with filming, instead of finishing the scripts beforehand. This process helps them better understand what the script needs, and allows them to adapt as they move forward. The biggest drawback of this method is that actors still don’t have enough time to rehearse their scenes, which is why they often resort to video calls with the screenwriters.

Image Source: Vancouver media, Netflix via giphy

The show was considered a failure

In 2017, La Casa de Papel premiered on Spanish terrestrial television channel Antena 3. More than 4 million viewers tuned in to watch the show, and it was considered one of the most popular premieres in Spanish TV history. Despite receiving positive reviews, however, the series lost its viewership as time passed. Less than 50 per cent of the original audience tuned in to watch by the time the finale aired. As the viewer had lost interest in the series, the producers of the show and the actors discussed the fact that the show may be cancelled. Thankfully for us, Netflix picked it up and made it a part of their worldwide collection. Netflix re-cut the series into 22 episodes after gaining global streaming rights, and launched them worldwide without much promotion. Despite this, viewers found and fell in love with this show, making it the success it is today.

Money heist
Image Source: Vancouver media

Denver’s Iconic Laughter

Denver is among the most loved characters on the series, and he is known for his infectious laugh. While most people consider it to be the actor ‘s way of playing the part, the laugh was already written into the script well before Jaime Lorente got the role. The script clearly listed “trashy laughter” as part of the character ‘s characteristic and it was interpreted differently by all those who auditioned for the role. To the fans who may still be curious, Jaime Lorente does not actually laugh like that!

Image Source: Vancouver Media, Netflix via giphy

Álvaro Morte’s five auditions

The Professor, played by Álvaro Morte, is certainly the series’ most mysterious character. We see him as this socially inept genius, who ends up genuinely caring for the gang members. The Professor is easy to respect and love, and this is mostly because Álvaro Morte brings so much life to the fictional character. The role did not come easily to him though. Morte said in an interview that he had to do five auditions over the course of two months before being chosen for the role.

Image Source: Vancouver Media, Netflix via giphy

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