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Bandish Bandits on Amazon Prime redefines Indian Classical Music3 min read

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This series will make you believe that music can rule even an OTT platform like Amazon Prime

With an IMDB rating of 8.7, Bandish Bandits have achieved success, not because of all sorts of drama and challenging fragile patriarchy but has set new standards by creating its special place on OTT platforms with the help of amazing music. Shankar Ehsaan Loy has sung beautifully as usual with a touch of fresh music in the form of traditional lyrics on mesmerizing tunes. Even though the title is not that catchy, you can’t just commit mistake to judge the series by its title! The Series Bandish Bandits has a splendid cast such as Naseeruddin Shah, Sheeba Chaddha, and Atul Kulkarni ruling the acting left, right and center. The series has Ritwik Bhowmik and Shreya Chaudhary as central characters where they both have received fame for their performance. This one of its kind series of 10 episodes is indeed a treat to watch.

Incredible geographical fascination of Jodhpur, Rajasthan can’t just escape viewer’s attention in Bandish Bandits. You can’t help enjoying the picturesque scenery in various scenes. Series will make you lost in the roller coaster ride Gharana music sets you. Apart from music, the chemistry between the central characters is interesting because they both bear exactly opposite personalities. The nudging and brawls along with fierce competition between the two opposite schools of thought, believers in music keep bringing engaging twists. 

The story of Bandish Bandits unravels between two different styles of music with the introduction of a proud orthodox man, Pandit Ji who is none other than one of the finest actors, Nasiruddin Shah. Radhe which is the central character. Radhe, who is none other than Ritwik Bhowmik, struggles at every step to live up to the expectations of Pandit Ji. His struggles double when he goes against his teacher and grandfather i.e., Pandit Ji. He starts singing with pop singer Tamanna. Stunning Shreya Chaudhary has played the central character of Tamanna. When OTT platforms are full of crime stories and predictably themed storylines, Bandish Bandits stands out due to its unique musical theme.

The Duo As Pretty as a Picture

When Radhe amalgamates his traditional music with today’s pop music, the result achieved is just mind-boggling. Radhe is central character who is a shy boy in tryst with hiding his identity. He attempts to claim his love for someone who will never be accepted at his extremely patriarchal family. In Bandish Bandits, the performance by Sheeba Chaddha will take your breath away. Her tragic character will stir emotions deeply. Her character has enfolded very well as the story proceeds. 

We can witness the journey of ragas in traditional classical music belonging to strictly disciplined Gharanas. We can witness music touching the hearts of the audience when it binds with today’s pop music.

No doubt that the Bandish Bandits series is full of good actors and mystic yet melodious songs. Yet, there is scope for improvement for certain aspects. Script and dialogues along with the acting of the central character could have been better. The story comes across with certain predictable twists once in a while which weakens the plot at times.

Listen to this great masterpiece of Indian Classical Music from Bandish Bandits

So should I watch Bandish Bandits or not?

In a nutshell, the Bandish Bandits series is the mirror to our society where women as well men suffer. Every now and then you can point out instances portraying toxic load of patriarchy. It’s a sweet mingling of tradition with pop music. You would surely love it. It’s a great one time watch if you would like to see a musical unraveling the drama around family and fight to retain the mirage of prestige, you can surely not miss this one if at all you love Hindustani Classical music! Even after you finish the series, the music will reserve a corner of your heart.

We hope you try out our recommendation and have superb fun. Do check out our app for more hot discussions on movies and TV shows.

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