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20 best shows and movies to binge watch (2021) | Netflix8 min read

best shows on netflix 2021 to binge watch
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Are you finding it tedious to research and choose some really cool content on OTT? Are you getting lost in the flood of movies and shows on Netflix? Well! Your search ends right here on Friyay! I have done some extensive research on shows and movies released in 2021. The list of the best released is customized exclusively for you. Guess what? Time to say bye to the boredom of pandemic. I am here for your rescue! Check out these really awesome shows and movies which are a complete entertainment package.

1. Pagglait

IMDB:  7

Director: Umesh Bist

Writers: Umesh Bist

Stars:  Sanya MalhotraSayani GuptaSheeba Chaddha

It’s a tragic yet hilarious story of a widow struggling to deal with the demise of her husband. She is not able to grieve and the situation gets complicated to see another woman’s photo in his cupboard. This discovery questions her relationship and the typical family members ensure to make her already complicated life messier.

Trailer: Pagglait

2. The White Tiger

IMDB : 7.1

Director: Ramin Bahrani

Writers:  Ramin Bahrani,  Aravind Adiga

Stars:  Adarsh GouravRajkummar RaoPriyanka Chopra

Based on a mind-blowing novel, The White Tiger by Arvind Adiga, this movie is a roller coaster ride of an over-ambitious driver, Balram. He is desperately looking for one chance to rise above his poverty at any cost. He is cunning, smart, and full of hope that one day his life will change. This movie is a classic representation of the exploitation of Indian underclass.

Trailer: The White Tiger

3. The Dig

IMDB : 7.1

Director: Simon Stone

Writers:   Moira Buffini

Stars: Carey MulliganRalph FiennesLily James

Based on John Preston’s novel The Dig, this movie is about the excavation of Sutton Hoo. This British film has already won the hearts of viewers on OTT and is one of the Best shows on Netflix. It is one of the unique contents released in 2021 on Netflix.

Trailer: The Dig

4. Ajeeb Daastaans

IMDB : 6.8

Director:  Neeraj GhaywanKayoze Irani

Writers:  Neeraj GhaywanShashank Khaitan

Stars:  Fatima Sana ShaikhJaideep AhlawatNushrat Bharucha

Four ordinary short stories carrying the extraordinary love and pain within come together to make this a perfect package of entertainment. Emotional trolls in each of these stories will keep you glued to the screen. It’s going to be tough to resist feeling all the pain and all the love on screen!

Trailer: Ajeeb daastaans

5. Moxie

IMDB : 6.7

Director: Amy Poehler

Writers:  Jennifer Mathieu

Stars:  Hadley RobinsonLauren TsaiAlycia Pascual-Pena

Here is this teenage girl who publishes an anonymous magazine that points out the ugly reality of sexism and chauvinism along with toxic masculinity. It’s a hilarious drama combined with a pinch of inspiration and some really crazy scenes.

Trailer: Moxie

6. Shadow and Bone

IMDB : 8.2

Director: Mairzee Almas

Writers: Vanya Asher

Stars:  Jessie Mei LiBen BarnesArchie Renaux

Based on Grisha Trilogy, this series is about Orphan mapmaker Alina Starkov and her hidden abilities to fix the mess of a war-torn world. It is one of the most viewed and Best shows on Netflix. It’s a fictional world where evil exists and magic is about to be found within Alina to fight for the freedom of her country.

Trailer: Shadow and Bone

7. The Serpent

IMDB : 7.7

Director: Hans Herbots

Writers: Richard Warlow

Stars: Tahar Rahim

Inspired by the true-crime events of Charles Sobhraj, a notorious serial killer. He was accused of killing tourists. With his playboy character, the show is a perfect mix of crime drama, loose ends, and murder investigations pointing to Sobhraj.

Trailer: The Serpent

8. Ginny & Georgia

IMDB : 7.4

Director: Anya Adams

Writers: Sarah Lampert

Stars: Brianne Howey

It’s a witty, dramatic, and adventurous saga of a mother-daughter adorable relationship. The funny part is the daughter thinks that she is more mature than her mother which makes it one of the Best shows on Netflix. It’s about a mother’s chase to give her children all that she missed.

Trailer: Ginny & Georgia

9. Behind Her Eyes

IMDB : 7.2

Director: Erik Richter Strand

Writers: Steve Lightfoot

Stars: Simona Brown

Our protagonist here is a working woman, a single mother who later gets into a romantic encounter with her boss. The twist gets more dramatic after she secures a good bond with her boss’s wife.

Trailer: Behind Her Eyes

10. The One

IMDB : 6.6

Director: Jeremy Lovering

Writers: John Marrs

Stars: Hannah Ware

It’s an interesting Sci-fi British series about a DNA researcher. A new way is invented to find a perfect partner which is commercialized to become a matchmaking service. But there are webs of lies spiraled in the background that make it spicy.

Trailer: The One

11. Lupin

IMDB : 7.5

Director: Louis Leterrier

Writers: George Kay

Stars: Omar Sy

It’s a dark thriller full of suspense and revenge which makes it a perfect package of entertainment. It’s the story of Assane Diop, who is deeply moved by a notorious thief. His father gets accused of a crime he hasn’t committed. As a result of which he hangs himself and so begins the quest of Assane. It has mystery and drama in perfect proportions to ensure your lovely leisure time.

Trailer: Lupin

12. Firefly Lane

IMDB : 5.2

Director: Fred Gerber

Writers: Maggie Friedman

Stars: Katherine Heigl

It’s a duo of Tully and Kate that rules the storyline of this series. They go through all the bitter-sweet turns of life from puberty to adolescence to the forties. But they strive to stay together throughout this roller coaster ride. Do they succeed? Check it out and let us know in the comments!

Trailer: Firefly Lane

13. Fate: The Winx Saga

IMDB : 6.9

Director: Lisa James Larsson

Writers: Iginio Straffi

Stars: Abigail Cowen

The protagonist of this story is having special magical powers. But with magical powers come great risks and dangers. Thus, the challenge is will she be able to control her powers or she will succumb to them in the chase to control them?

Trailer: Fate: The Winx Saga

14. Vincenzo

IMDB : 8.5

Director: Hui-won Kim

Writers: Jae-bum Park

Stars: Song Joong-Ki

It’s a gripping story of an Italian mafia lawyer who has been back to his native place after a long. At the age of eight, he got adopted and had to leave his motherland and go to Italy where he became a lawyer. It’s a thriller to grab all the fortune he once almost and now seems to be slipping from his hand. Such mystery plot makes it one of the Best shows on Netflix. Does he let it go just like that, or does he cross all limits to own the treasure he always dreams of? Check it out!

Trailer: Vincenzo

15. Mandela

IMDB : 8.5

Director: Madonne Ashwin

Writers:  Madonne AshwinSuman Kumar

Stars:  Yogi BabuSheela RajkumarSangili Murugan

The protagonist of this story is just another barber in a village. But the interesting twist to the story is a point comes when his vote becomes the decision-making vote that’s going to rule the results of elections. This plot has landed this movie among the Best shows and movies on Netflix. How did it turn up then, good, bad or ugly? Check out and let us know in the comments!

Trailer: Mandela

16. Wild Dog

IMDB : 6.4

Director: Ahishor Solomon

Writers:  Ahishor SolomonKiran Kumar

Stars:  Nagarjuna AkkineniKelly DorjiAvijit Dutt

It’s a movie inspired by many terrorist attacks, particularly, August 2007 Hyderabad bombings. It’s an action thriller regarding the messy investigation and aftermath of bombings as per the National Investigation Agency. As usual, ever-young Nagarjuna is slaying in the lead role.

Trailer: Wild Dog

17. Fatma

IMDB : 7.1

Director: Ozgur Onurme

Writers: Ozgur Onurme

Stars: Burcu Biricik

Fatma’s story starts with searching for trails of missing Zafer. But in this chase, she commits one murder. To hide one crime, she has to commit one more. Is she going to drown in this trap or will she manage to escape just clean?

Trailer: Fatma

18. Law School

IMDB : 8.6

Director: Suk-Yoon Kim

Writers: Seo In

Stars: Myung-Min Kim

This is about a crime that took place at a very renowned school that puts the prestige of the school in question. The tough times come when the school has to pass the test and deal with one of the hardest times in the history of law school. It’s a treat for South Korean drama lovers and is indeed one of the Best shows on Netflix!

Trailer: Law School

19. This Is a Robbery: The World’s Greatest Art Heist 

IMDB : 6.5

Director: Colin Barnicle

Writers: Michael ReiszJillian Jacobs 

Stars: Shelley Murphy

It’s a true story based mystery about the 13 masterpieces of art getting stolen from the Boston museum. The security personals are claiming that two con men had posed as cops who later pulled the heist. Reality is portrayed so detailed in this one that it’s indeed one of the Best shows on Netflix. What exactly happened? Don’t forget to enjoy this curious investigation!

Trailer: This Is a Robbery: The World’s Greatest Art Heist

20. Godzilla vs. Kong

IMDB : 6.5

Director: Adam Wingard

Writers:  Terry Rossio

Stars:  Alexander SkarsgårdMillie Bobby BrownRebecca Hall

For the first time, rampage lover Godzilla and the powerful Kong who is in search of his abode, face each other. The fight here is the claim for being alpha species. The twist here comes with human greed to conquer these creatures, make the battle even wilder. Who does win in the end? Do let us know in the comments!

Trailer: Godzilla Vs. Kong

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We hope you try out our recommendation and have a fun-filled experience. Do check out friyay app for following trending buzz about movies and TV shows.

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